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  Jaryl Chng 43014ca050 Update README.md 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng bf9d8a36ff Update README.md 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng d62ec48afd v1.9.2 : Optimized code, attempts to fix SQL & H2 bugs 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 5ccfab4ec1 Fixed 3 bugs 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 61c8b2047d Fixed bugs, made code slightly cleaner 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 1366ed21c1 Remove deperacated methods 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng c00c3eac4e Moved workspace to IntelliJ 5 years ago
  Jaryl Chng e51141ccb3 Merge pull request #2 from CrowBBGN/patch-1 6 years ago
  David Tidwell 6508e74f73 PermissionHandler FoundBoxx -main 6 years ago
  David Tidwell d04bdc4f8e PEX temp fix 6 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 9b5137f194 Added 2 new configuration settings 6 years ago
  Jaryl Chng a3684ed2dc Cleared even more files to reflect v1.8.4.2 6 years ago
  Jaryl Chng f06b686ce2 Removed useless folders to reflect v1.8.4.2 better 6 years ago
  Jaryl Chng b8f3b85a68 Reflect v1.8.4.2 6 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 7ddd50cd44 v1.7.8 FINAL (Silent update for faithful users) 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng a3023d3ee4 v1.7.7 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 40236110ad Added config to disable auto-update on startup, optimized a little bit of the variables and more restructuring of folders 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 8f26e62d76 More folder rearranging. 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 30883fd9d2 Added threading for SQL/H2 startup, also adds a double checker to check if the H2 library file is corrupted and re-downloads if it is and more rearrangement of code to folders 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng aba1dcc266 Extremely critical bug that causes huge stack overflow fixed. 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 2acaf651be Threading complete! 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 5504977486 Made auto-updater run on separate threads! Yippie! Doesn't slow down start up time and my first successful thread attempt! 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng d7f407e697 Re-organized folders, enhanced auto-updater, nicer print configurations and starting on threads (Not in use yet). 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 8666044f1a Irritating README.md. 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng af6f53893c Forgot to fix the line spacing for the README.md. 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng fbc0fd3bbf More professional README.md :D! 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng 2d263e40b4 Updated README.md 8 years ago
  Jaryl Chng bd03287e9c First commit with source code (v1.7) 8 years ago
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